Behind our doors, you’ll find a haven of hand selected contemporary wedding dresses that highlight independence, creativity, and individual style.

A light-filled studio nestled in Jesmond welcomes the chic, fresh, edgy and sophisticated bohemian look of the modern bride-to-be.

Our mission is to make every bride feel comfortable in their own skin and to let them shine their brightest on their wedding day.

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Browse our range of beautiful contemporary dresses and let our curated collection of designers inspire you.

From enchanting pieces by Charlie Brear to sleek elegant dresses by Catherine Deane, our dresses offer unique looks and styles perfect for the modern bride.

We have no standard look here, and we’re unafraid to step away from tradition, too. View our range of dresses for a taste of what we love.

“I have never felt so beautiful and comfy in an outfit!”

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