Daffodil with Sleeves

Alena Leena

In a realm where love and dreams entwine, the Daffodil gown by Alena Leena awaits brides. Draped in ivory, it exudes unblemished purity, mirroring the sacred union of your upcoming celebration.

Crafted from the finest 100% silk printed organza, this gown is an ode to elegance. Voluminous detachable shawl sleeves sit like wings poised to embrace the heavens. An A-line skirt, like strokes of an artist’s brush, cascades with effortless grace, while a tender sweetheart neckline frames your beauty. Bringing it all together, a draped corset whispers of romance and whimsy, sculpting a silhouette to wow all observers.

These elements weave a symphony of hope and devotion for your day, so let this gown be your vessel into the realm of eternal love.

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