Alena Leena

Embroidered with a tapestry of 3D blossoms, delicate pearls, shimmering mirrors, and dainty beads, the Cosmos gown by Alena Leena unveils a celestial gem for a bride that loves to sparkle. Nature is a symphony of boundless joy, and this gown is our love letter to the beating rhythm of your wild heart.

Dance free with a cascading tulle frill train that sways as you move, and marvel as the hand-beaded bodice catches the light, dazzling all that behold you.

The Cosmos gown comes in two captivating colour options, blush ivory (Sampled in store) or ivory. Each stitch a testament to craftsmanship and an ode to the bride’s radiance.

Whisper tales of amour with every step, and leave a trail of dreams in your wake. You are a goddess.

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