Laura & Thomas

DRESS: Catherine DeaneJessica Bodysuit and Anika Skirt
DATE: 6th August 2018
VENUE: High House Farm Brewery
PHOTOGRAPHER: Margarita Hope Photography

The dress shopping experience:

Why did you choose to visit Marrime?

After some extensive online searching, Marrime was the only bridal shop in the North East that stocked gowns that I liked! I wasn’t looking for a particular designer but a shop that had unique and non-traditional styles and one that wasn’t in London! One of my bridesmaids had also bought her gown from Marrime and had loved the experience too.

How did you find your experience at Marrime?

Holly had real intuition for the type of dress that I wanted (and an amazing range of gowns!) She was so enthusiastic and complimentary about how I looked in all the dresses I tried – I was initially quite daunted by the whole process but I was immediately put at ease.  She made me feel like a supermodel and I felt her warmth towards me was genuine. After a chat about what I was looking for she suggested the exact body and skirt that I eventually bought.  She was about to put it in the window, it had just come in and wasn’t on the rails yet! I’m so glad she understood exactly what I wanted as I hadn’t really considered a two piece. The dress I chose was a bodysuit and skirt which meant Holly and I had a good laugh whilst trying this on (a number of times!) and I always felt very comfortable in the fitting room with her.

“I have never felt so beautiful and comfy in an outfit!”

– Marrime Bride Laura

What was your bridal style? Modern, contemporary, vintage, boho etc?


How did you know your dress was THE ONE?

I have never felt so beautiful and comfy in an outfit!  I love dancing and knew that whatever dress I wore would have to stand up on the dance floor as well as in front of the celebrant! I tried this dress on after every other dress I tried and couldn’t stop staring at myself! I did go to another bridal shop to try dresses but I left the appointment early and called Marrime straight away to book a second appointment to try the Catherine Deane two piece on again.

Did you finally choose what you originally set out to find?

It was exactly the style I had in my head but even better than I could imagine!

Bridal Styling:

What shoes did you wear and why?

I wore some mint green sling backs from Next!  I always wanted a highlight colour for my shoes and my colour theme was soft sage/mint greens.

Did you choose to wear a veil? If yes, why? If no, why?

No, the dress didn’t really lend itself to a veil and the relaxed style and theme of the wedding meant that I preferred to wear fresh flowers in my hair.

“There are so many options and decisions to make – choose those make you feel happy and comfortable.”

– Marrime bride laura

The venue and wedding theme:

Why did you pick this venue?

We knew we really wanted a tipi and for our wedding to be held outside. High House Farm has amazing outdoor space with room for a large tipi and an open barn which was perfect for the ceremony. They are a working farm surrounded by beautiful countryside. Their food was amazing and as they are also a brewery we had the chance to sample their range of beers before choosing our own keg for the big day. After chatting to Lizzie and Heather we knew High House Farm was the venue for us. Their ‘can do’ attitude was so refreshing after several previous meetings with ‘all in’, ‘package’ wedding venues which do not allow for much personal choice and creativity.

We cannot praise Heather and her family enough, they were so accommodating to our plans to have an afternoon ceremony without a traditional sit down meal, they made us feel totally relaxed about everything!

What is your most memorable moment from the day? And your favourite part?

Brad and I sat down in the open barn with our food and just took in the whole scene – the day had gone perfectly.  I had been anxious about how the venue would look, how smoothly the day would run but at that point I couldn’t have felt more relaxed and happy.

My favourite part was walking down the stairs at High House Farm with my dad and seeing Brad looking up at me – he looked amazing!

What would be your advice to any future brides-to-be?

There are so many options and decisions to make – choose those make you feel happy and comfortable.  Don’t feel the pressure to conform to tradition and work with suppliers that reflect your values and personality – they will understand you and make your day exactly what you intended.

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