The Ultimate Crepe Style Wedding Gowns Guide

What comes to mind when you think about the dress you’ll wear on your big day? If you’ve been dreaming of an elegant gown that hugs your figure perfectly, crepe wedding gowns could be an ideal choice for you. We’ve laid out an overview of this sought after style, and you can find it in plenty of gorgeous gowns in our online and in-store selection of designer wedding dresses.

What is a crepe wedding dress?

A crepe wedding dress is a gown made using a lightweight material with a flowy, fluid appearance. Crepe itself is often created using silk, but it can also be produced from other natural fibres such as wool. Crepe wedding gowns tend to have a hallmark of being simplistic and understated, exemplified in our Made With Love Rosey crepe wedding dress. However, this is an extremely versatile base for a gown, so you’re certain to find styles that are bolder or feature significant detailing, such as our Theo bridal gown, also from our Made With Love bridal collection.

Crepe wedding gowns: material characteristics

As we’ve already noted, one of the most distinctive qualities of crepe is how lightweight it is. Crepe wedding dresses are stretchier than chiffon styles, and the material is buttery soft to touch. It’s a breathable fabric, and its fluidity means it moves effortlessly when worn, creating a sophisticated allure. It’s also a relatively simple material to tailor, so your seamstress shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to ensuring that your gown fits you like a glove.

Despite some crepe wedding dresses having less structure than other materials, they aren’t as prone to wrinkling as other fabrics are (such as tulle); so you won’t have to worry about your wedding dress creasing when you’re sitting down to sign your marriage certificate, or for your evening meal.

Is crepe a flattering fabric?

As a fabric, crepe is slightly deceptive when it comes to how well it holds its shape, creating a stunning, seamless, sleek silhouette. Crepe wedding gowns might not seem as structured as chiffon alternatives, but this fabric drapes beautifully to accentuate the wearers figure. 
Within our collection of crepe wedding dresses, you’ll find various crepe styles to choose from. Our & For Love range features crepe gowns with a minimalistic modern edge, whereas soft, charming couture comes into play in styles from Savannah Miller. We’d definitely encourage you to try on different crepe wedding dress styles, as this will give you a clearer understanding of the shapes and gown types that flatter you the most.

One of our most popular crepe style dresses is the Grace by Grace Loves Lace which offers luxurious fresh ivory stretch crepe which moulds to the body and gives comfort, support and ease of movement.

What is the difference between crepe and chiffon?

The biggest difference between crepe and chiffon is the opacity of both fabrics. Crepe wedding dresses are opaque, while chiffon can be sheer to almost translucent depending on the individual material. Despite this, crepe is actually slightly heavier than chiffon, but it offers a more figure-hugging fit than chiffon does as a result.

Is crepe fabric a good material for a wedding dress?

Crepe is definitely one of the best fabric choices available for wedding dresses, and almost all of the designers that we stock have crafted breathtaking styles from this chic material. It’s also one of our most popular options for brides-to-be, and its suitable for ceremonies all-year round.

You can even carry this material into your bridal accessories of choice – take a look at the Made With Love crepe bow for some princess-esque inspiration!

If you can already envisage yourself saying yes to a crepe wedding dress, then book an appointment at our Newcastle bridal boutique online now, and experience our entire in-store selection.

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