We are delighted at last to be able to offer you an appointment in store again from June 17th 2020! We are only too aware of how difficult a time this must be for all of you planning your wedding. We have friends, family, and members of our team all in the same situation. We hope nevertheless that there have also been a lot of good things come from this enforced ‘pause in our lives’, and it has been an opportunity to reinforce all that is truly important, that of our health and our families.

As you no doubt realise the advent of Covid 19 has made it necessary for us to review and update all our safety measures until such time as we are all completely free of this pandemic. Everything listed below is for your safety as well as that of our team, and to ensure that your visit will be relaxed and enjoyable with the same level care that we are known for.


  • Please spend time browsing our website where we have images of all the dresses we carry as well as the story behind each of our British and International designers. Also watch out for our Instagram feed for our daily updates.
  • You will receive an email from us the week before your appointment containing all the information you will need to know.


  • Prior to your arrival you may rest assured that the shop will have been deep cleaned with all touch points (sofas, door handles, toilets etc) disinfected. Also, as an extra precaution we will be hot steaming gowns that have been previously tried on between each appointment.
  • We will call you the day before your appointment for final confirmation. It really helps us if you could respond to our voicemail if one has been left.
  • It is essential to have made an appointment, unfortunately because of Covid 19 you will not be able to enter our store without one.


  • You will be greeted by one of our team who will be in good health and will have been checked that they are fit for work. Your stylist will be wearing gloves and a face mask, but we are sure that you will still see her smile as you are welcomed! We will also supply you with a disposable mask if you are not wearing your own and there will be hand sanitiser at your disposal in our reception. We will also, just to be sure, ask to take your temperature on arrival.
  • You will have the boutique all to yourself as we only host one bridal appointment at a time and offered a glass of our inhouse bubbly.
  • If you will have already sent through your list of chosen gowns prior to your appointment, then these will have been prepared for you. If not, your stylist will take time to chat with you to ascertain which type of dress you are looking for. You will then be able to browse the gowns on display with our stylist pulling out any you wish to try on which will get the ball rolling and the fun begin!
  • You will be able to try the dresses on with our assistance from the side or behind, whilst we will be wearing a full visor to zip you up or fit.
  • You will be able then, should you wish, to arrange your own Zoom call with any other friends and family whose opinion you value who can share in the fun.


  • To ensure that you are fit and well.
  • To bring no more than one guest with you.
  • We also ask you to wear suitable underwear for trying on the gowns.
  • Please remember to bring a pair of shoes to your appointment, as our showroom sample shoes will no longer be available for you to try with the gowns, for hygiene reasons.

WHEN ORDERING YOUR DRESS: This is always a magic moment!

  • We will need to take your measurements which we will do with your help. We will also take a few photos for the designer.
  • You will be asked to pay 50% deposit without which we are unable to place your order. We would prefer for you to do so by card for health and safety reasons.
  • Because of Covid 19 and its impact on the chain from raw materials to design and distribution we are having to allow in most cases a 9 to 11 months to order your dress. Of course, there will be designers that can deliver faster and everyone will be doing their utmost to get things back on track as fast as humanly possible.


  • Please do look at our Sample Collection where we carry a truly beautiful selection of designer gowns all barely tried on and in very good condition that are available for immediate purchase with up to 70% off! It’s a great opportunity to get an international designer dress within a tight budget. We will help you see these dresses more closely by video/ Zoom appointment if you can’t actually get to us. For more information about this category just contact us.

We look forward to seeing you! ❤

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